Meghalaya Caravan Tour

Meghalaya on mind? Come with us on a memorable caravan journey exploring the abode of clouds like never before!

with KarwaanJourneys.

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  • Travel and stay in a completely furnished caravan for 6-8 guests.
    • 8 Comfy Bunks | Pantry | Lounge | Hot Shower | Music n Wifi | Charging and Storage
  • Includes adventure activities like kayaking, river canyoning, boating, caving and trekking.
  • Expert guide and driver.
  • Scenic and safe night parking spots.
  • All expenses included.

Day 1
Depart for Dawki
  • Short trek to Mawkyrnot
  • Boating in Umngot river (Dawki)
Region :- (Dawki)
PitStop :- (Pongtung)
Day 2
Depart for Sohra(cherrapunji)
  • Short trek to Wie Sawdong Falls
  • Visit Arwah Cave
Region :- (Cherrapunji)
PitStop :- (Eco Park, Sohra)
Day 3
Depart for Tyrna Village
  • Trekking to Nongriat Village
    (Double Decker Living Root Bridge)
  • Mawsaw Bridge
  • Rainbow
Region :- (Cherrapunji)
PitStop :- (Homestay at Nongriat Village)
Day 4
Trek Back to Tyrna Village from Nongriat
  • Depart for Mawlyngbna with photo pitstops on the way
  • Mawlyngbna village evening walk (Natural Spring Visit)
Region :- (Cherrapunji)
PitStop :- (Mawlyngbna)
Day 5
  • River Canyoning at Umkhakoi Reservoir Kayaking
  • Depart to Shillong
Region :- (Mawlyngbna)
PitStop :- (Umiam Lake, Shillong)
How to Book
Caravan Pool Trip (Fixed Departure)
Specially curated itinerary for solo travellers, couples, and curious wanderers who love to meet new people and have new experiences. The pool trip can accommodate a maximum of 6 to 8 caravanners on a standard itinerary.

Caravan Group Trips (Customizable)
Minimum group size 4
Minimum tour 3 days
Our standard Meghalaya Caravan itineraries take you on journey of 5 days. You can reserve the caravan as a group of 4-8 guests.
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