Our Karwaaners Experience


Cheshta Pandita

Hosted Onboard Karwaan
12-17th May 2019

Funny how we feel most alive when our hearts skip a beat! This amazing journey I had a few weeks back gave me surplus of such moments!! I knew I was signing for an adventurous trip when I decided to be on this caravan for 7 thrilling days! BUT, I never knew I was signing for a life altering adventure!

Gazing at the night sky from the bus' rooftop; waking up to heavenly waterfalls; experiencing the local culture of Meghalaya; hiking, trekking, canyoning, kayaking; this trip had it all!

And thanks to the expert guide @banjop_iawphniaw for the constant help.. even for the cuss words to keep us moving 🤣 and showing us places so surreal we would never believe could exist in real!

Experiencing Meghalaya wouldn't be such an enriching experience otherwise!! And for that I am thankful to @karwaanjourneys for hosting us❤

Mentally, I am still at one of those clear waterfalls and never want to leave 😊


Lalkrishna Maliwal

Hosted Onboard Karwaan
10-15th June 2019

How lovely it must be to live in a house that has wheels and can go everywhere,through the small beautiful villages,towns, stand still in the fields at the night and cooking food whatever you love to eat! That was just a Dream! So, I booked it instantly without thinking of anything and trust me it was worth it!😊🤙


Nikhil Jain

Hosted Onboard Karwaan
19-24th May 2019

Well of all the things from my assam and meghalaya travels this home sweet home will be the thing I will miss the most. From climbing to top of it anytime to sitting inside it near the table, from partying out inside to cooking late night this beauty has it all.

@karwaanjourneys is a home not a place and I am sure wherever I wander this is one home I will always come back to. Memories I made with @avinashverma_ @banjop_iawphniaw @c.h.i.t.r.i.k.a @hirokjyotipathak @meinbhiphotographer

Will remain for lifetime and I am sure we are gonna travel soon with our newly found home. Miss you guys!

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