All You Need to Know Before Booking This Unique Experience

What is a Caravan?

Simply put, a caravan is your own home but on wheels. Also called as a motorhome with all the amenities like accommodation, travel, pantry, lounge and washroom along with charging points, wifi, music and party lights. Since it’s a self-sufficient vehicle, it’s an ideal instrument for offbeat travel with complete comfort and safety, nowhere else to be found.

What kind of caravan travel experience we’re offering?

Currently we’re offering adventure theme trips in the offbeats of Meghalaya in our hostel-on-wheels caravan. Our caravan takes you across a 6-day memorable journey of Meghalaya with 6 caravanmates, an expert guide who will be your journey host and a professional chauffeur who will take care of driving, navigation and caravan’s housekeeping. You stay, travel and experience various offbeat and famous destinations along with several adventure activities Meghalaya has to offer, all in your home-on-wheels. Karwaan provides you a single platform end to end REAL travel experience of Meghalaya where you make memories of a lifetime with your caravanmates and Karwaan’s hosts.

How flexible is the journey?

Caravans stand for freedom of travel and offer unparalleled flexibility in terms of travel planning. We have a broad bigger itinerary out of which a subset can be chosen according to the groups’ convenience. The order of places is completely flexible. We camp at designated spots which we’ve discovered, to offer the best scenery along with safety and privacy.

What are the ways to book a trip?

The current architecture of the caravan supports group trips of upto 6 caravanmates. We've a flexibility to take on 1-2 extra guests at an additional cost.

    You can pay per bunk for joining our caravan pool trips, organized every month on announced fixed departure dates. These pool trips will have a fixed itinerary with some flexibility as per the group consensus.
    Please get in touch with us for customizing a trip for a minimum group of 4 people and minimum 4 days.


We’ve a basic pantry in the caravan in which we prepare your breakfast to kick off the day. There is a mini-refrigerator to keep your beverages and other consumables cool and fresh. We have lunch and dinner at local joints where you get a flavor of the local cuisines. We also provide energy refreshments during the day activities and treks, since adventure activities in Meghalaya demand calories from you. Once in a while, we do a social cooking night; barbeque grill is on the way!

Price? Inclusions and Exclusions

We'll be your one-stop travel and exploration base for Meghalaya! The pricing includes all the charges for the entire trip from Shillong to Shillong. Once you onboard all your expenses are covered. You just have to arrange for your transportation from shilong, along with the lunch and dinner expenses during the trip.


The real fun of an adventure roadtrip is in enjoying it with a group of friends, family and even more with strangers. For our caravan pool trips with individual travelers, we do an ice-breaking session (a casual fun dinner) before we start for the trip, so that everybody gets familiar with their caravanmates and journey hosts and ready to rock together for the next 6 days.

We’ve a capacity of 6 independent bunks in the caravan, each with their own charging points, reading lights and curtains. For changing, you can use the washroom. Since this is a social setting, we highly require the guests to have a healthy team spirit, be respectful of each other’s private space and be cooperative with the whole group. If you join this with an open-mind and a spirit of fun, rest assured, your time with us is going to be unforgettable.

We don’t mind you enjoying your beverages, but you have to keep in mind the comfort of your caravanmates and the local space you’re staying in. Never compromise on your chivalry and good faith!

Safety & Valuables?

You will be taken care off by expert professionals. Your journey host cum guide Banjop is an awarded expert adventure guide by Meghalaya Tourism with more than a decade of experience in the hospitality area. Bahbah, your Chauffeur, has equivalent experience of driving heavy cargo and passenger commercial vehicles, along with being an expert mechanic, coming handy in troubleshooting, if any. These local gems of Meghalaya know the place in and out and have complete command of the place.

During nights, we camp our caravan at selected spots. These are also paid private campsites where your safety and privacy will be assured, providing you space to relax and have fun. The people of Meghalaya are really nice folks, returning goodwill with extra warmth.

During the day, when you step out of the caravan to enjoy the sights or indulge in any adventure activity, you can leave your luggage and other valuables safely in the caravan. Bahbah, your chauffeur always accompanies the caravan while Banjop shows you around. There is a locker facility in the caravan also available, if you require.

For all our adventure activities, we use professional safety gears.

Essentials to carry?

Your confirmation will be accompanied by a “ Welcome Onboard Karwaan ” note that introduces the caravanmates and the essentials list as per the season in Meghalaya.

When can you visit?

Meghalaya has a diverse landscape and essence, changing through the seasons across the year. You can visit even in Monsoons to see the magical charm of rainbows, cloud filled valleys and thunderous waterfalls. The winters offer dark clear starry skies in the offbeats, foggy drives atop the Meghalaya plateau roads, crystal clear pools and rivers with the perennial waterfalls becoming even more charming.

How to reach?

The nearest major airport and railway station to Shillong is Guwahati. During day hours, you can find shared taxis from the airport itself or Khanapara (Guwahati), plying to Centre Point, Shillong.

The travel time from Guwahati to Shillong is approximately 4 hours. While travelling to and fro from your home base, preferably choose your arrival time in Guwahati not later than 5 pm and departure from Guwahati not earlier than 12 pm, to accommodate for the Guwahati-Shillong shared taxi travel. You can reserve a full taxi at any hour.

Who can be a part?

Karwaan welcomes everyone who is young at heart with the curiosity to explore the hidden gems and adventures of Meghalaya. The journey ensures you magical offbeat destinations through raw foot trails turning into stairs, bamboo ladders, suspension bridges, living root bridges and all the unique geological features of Meghalaya. You can customize your itinerary as per the requirement of the group and Banjop will be at your assistance. Don’t forget! Many adventure activities will be on no risk, no fun, max safety basis.

That being said, our adventure fill itineraries do require a basic fitness standard, so that you can enjoy the journey to the fullest and keep up the enthusiasm of the whole group. So do try (and prepare if required, with a basic 2 weeks fitness routine) if you can breeze through a km of run before you step into the offbeats of Meghalaya. Mentally, you’ll see a real raw version of Meghalaya, so be ready to get involved.


Meghalaya has a tropical climate with lush jungles. You might find bugs and leeches in the outdoors, nothing lethal, but we suggest full clothing. Our caravan is bug free, we do regular fumigation. For extra safety we're adding nets in each bunk.

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