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Redefining Roadtrips

Karwaan is the first-of-its kind caravan travel experience in India. It’s aims at providing an end-to-end single platform travel experience in it’s homely caravans which serve as the travel hosts, companions and guides while the guests explore the REAL India through curated itineraries.

Our caravans offer never-before-experienced flexibility, comfort and freedom of travel, enabling the guests to enjoy the true satisfaction of exploration. Our caravan itineraries take you on a journey of a lifetime, while we take care of your complete hospitality, navigation and guidance needs. We’re not just redefining roadtrips but the way you travel and experience a destination!

A Glimpse into a Journey Onboard Karwaan

Let us take you on a lifetime journey with our expert guides cum journey hosts. You get to engage with local folks and their culture, indulge in local culinary delicacies along with experiencing breathtaking offbeat hidden gems. Get a feel of adrenaline pumping adventure or soul-calming pure raw nature, binge on the dynamic outside scenery with a photo pit-stop at your will, pump up the music, lay-out your card games in our caravans’ social lounge while our chauffeur navigates you on a smooth ride through the twists and turns of the roads.

And when we stop to camp at our exotic campsites, the fun won’t stop. Jam the strings of a guitar through the evening, grab an interesting read from the library, huddle around a bonfire with starry skies overhead, grill a barbeque dinner, pitch a tent if you wish, have a movie night on the rooftop projector and then relax in a hot shower before crashing on your cozy bunks.

At the end of the day, our caravans offer you a place of safety, comfort and familiarity to rest your tired feet and unwind before the next exciting day. Wake up to dramatic sunrises and morning sceneries, refresh in the caravan and enjoy a delicious breakfast from the caravan’s pantry to kick off a good day’s adventure!

Onboard Karwaan, there is no scope for boredom, the excitement never ends!

How Karwaan Came To Be...

A month-long vacation in the north east with my local Khasi friends introduced me to the real beauty and essence of Meghalaya. When I remember that trip, following thoughts trigger through my mind.

Raw, Pristine, Unexplored, Unique, Diverse, Surprises, Delights, Kindness, Matriarchy, Adventure, Thrill, Youth, Welcoming, Village life, Forests, Rivers, Streams, Plateaus, Hills, Caves, Valleys, Playful clouds, Vibrant Rainbows, Grasslands, Homestays, Khasi Food, Churches... if only I could stop.

I met Banjop and his caravan during the same trip, it was an icing on the cake. Banjop had the perfect instrument to explore Meghalaya and its offbeats in the comforts of a caravan. After the trip, I was stationed in Leh for an year-long Fellowship focused on developing entrepreneurs. I wished everyone to experience Meghalaya in a way that had already left an indelible mark on my mind. The Fellowship gave me a platform to develop Karwaan from the scratch. Banjop used to do some bespoke experiences for hard-core travelers once in a while in his caravan under All India Overland company. This friendship shaped into a business partnership and Karwaan was formed, with a vision to make caravan travel experience as a mainstream travel service for more folks in India.

Karwaan Team

Our Team

Avinash Verma
Avinash Verma
Founder, Karwaan

After having got the first raw taste of Himalayas during the IIT Kanpur adventure club trips, adventure travelling became an addiction for Avinash. He believes in exploring the true essence of a place while travelling. Some of his most memorable trips include MTBing the Annapurna Circuit in Nepal, solo cycling 1000 kms across Sri Lanka, Hampta Pass Solo Trek, a 4000 km south India Motorbike trip and many others across Indian Himalayas. His adventure sports training include Basic Mountaineering Course, ABVIMAS; Basic Skiing Course, IISM Gulmarg; Paragliding CC pilot training at TemplePilots, Pune; Basic Kayaking Course with GoodWave Adventures in Kerala; Sports Climbing at IMF Delhi and IITK, giving him exposure to the raw nature elements and the appetite and aptitude for an outdoor person.

He looks forward to pursue professional kayaking and caving courses while exploring future scaling opportunities for Karwaan in other North Eastern states.

Professionally he is an aerospace engineer and has worked 4 years with Airbus, one of the two global aircraft manufacturers. He takes inspiration from the pro-safety aviation industry and state-of-the-art, highly efficient operations of the airline logistics to develop Karwaan into an All-India caravan travel experience service.

Banjop Iawphniaw
Banjop Iawphniaw
Journey Host

Banjop from Shillong, is an expert adventure guide awarded by Meghalaya Tourism. He is a professional kayaker, natural caving expert and an expert caravan driver with an experience of more than 10 years in the hospitality sector. His witty remarks, occasional jovial sarcasms and a jolly personality make him a desirable company. He also plays guitar along with being a videographer, a mechanic and an expert on Meghalaya rivers. He is fluent in English and Khasi, and even Hindi if you don’t talk too fast.

Bahbah Wanshielang Nyota

Baba, as we cheerfully call him, has been a truck and passenger bus driver for more than a decade. His precise driving skills ensure a comfortable ride for the caravanmates on even the toughest roads of Meghalaya. He is responsible for caretaking and housekeeping of the caravan and strongly believes in the best service for the guests whether that’s safety, comfort or hygiene. He, along with Banjop, is also an expert in any troubleshooting the caravan might need. His silent smile is a welcome company and you may converse with him fluently in Hindi and sometimes English

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