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Welcome To Karwaan Journeys

Karwaan Journeys

The first-of-its-kind caravan travel experience in India!

Karwaan is the first-of-its kind caravan travel experience in India. We aim at providing an end-to-end single platform travel experience in our homely caravans which serve as the travel hosts, companions and guides while the guests explore the REAL India through curated itineraries.

Why We?

Explore True Meghalaya for the First Time in a Caravan
Explore the offbeat the best way – in your own home-on-wheels.

We show you the best a place has to offer so that you can experience true travel.

Single Platform End-to-End Travel Experience.

Our journey hosts and chauffeurs will take care of all your guidance and navigation needs, once you onboard our caravan.

Complete flexibility of Travel, no Heavy Luggage Issues.

Never worry about arriving at odd hours to a place and anxiously wait for local transport and hotel services to commence.

We Promote Women Travel – Step Out of your Home Into Another Home While Travelling.

Our end-to-end travel experiences with our professional and friendly staff offers a safe and hassle free travel in some of the remotest places.

Our Tour

Known as the “Scotland of the East” and the “Abode of Clouds”, Meghalaya is one of the most geographically diverse and unique places on our entire planet. Being the wettest place on earth, Meghalaya is blessed with lush green landscapes, dotted with waterfalls turning into crystal clear streams and rivers that offer excellent opportunities for water adventure sports.

The itinerary for the upcoming trips will be tentatively a subset of these.

Dawki | Nongriat Double Decker Living Root Bridge | Rainbow Falls | Mawrynkhang - Wahkhen Bamboo Bridges | Arwah Caves | Wei Sawdong Falls | Mawlyngbna (Kayaking + River Canyoning) | Mawthadarishan Peak | Pomshutia Falls | Umiam Lake

About The Caravan

Your Own Home-on-Wheels

Our current caravan is designed on a hostel-on-wheels theme facilitating group based social travel. We’ve a completely self-sufficient caravan to give you a homely feeling all along your journey. Our larger than life caravan has no lack of space, offering ample internal mobility and ventilation. You’ll never feel like travelling in a glorified sleeper bus or a crammed taxi/ traveller.


Things to do, plan your trips
 Caravan Group Trip (Customizable)

Caravan Group Trip

All weeks : Mon-sat 6 days

Caravan Pool Trip

Caravan Pool Trip

07th-11st June 2022

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Our Family of CaravanMates Share Their Experience.

Karwaan Journeys

Come experience caravaning in India!

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